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Air conditioning

Radio City Plumbing and HeatingĀ  mechanically alters the temperature of the air, by making it cooler or warmer. Control of the humidity is also possible. Radio City Plumbing and HeatingĀ  is used to provide COMFORT COOLING and CLOSE CONTROL for specific applications. Air conditioning is a method of providing conditioned air to an area at the proper temperature and humidity. The term usually describes a refrigeration system designed to cool the air within a space. In the process of removing heat, the system also removes moisture, further increasing comfort levels. Auxiliary filters may also remove pollen, dust and other pollutants from the air as well. Sometimes entire buildings can be designed that air temperature, humidity and air freshness can be controlled from a central air conditioning plant. Other buildings can be temperature controlled by individual units placed at strategic points. Some Air conditioning systems use chilled water to cool the air instead of refrigerant liquid. As the chilled water cannot boil off inside the evaporator pipes but merely cool the air on contact it is not as efficient as refrigerant. The cooling coil would have to be a lot bigger to do the same cooling duty as a coil containing liquid refrigerant.